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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Welcome coupon is only eligible on your first order. Exclusions apply. Limited one coupon code per customer. Subscribe Now. It's never been faster and easier to learn a new skill than with the Ninebot S. With our innovative user friendly design, the Ninebot S is a comfortable and convenient ride you can enjoy in no time.

The Ninebot S is lightweight and small in size. Weighing just 28lbs. The customizable LED tail lights ensure high rear visibility in low light conditions. Learn and understand how to safely ride the Ninebot S, customize rear LED lights, read vehicle diagnostics, adjust the steering sensitivity, adjust speed controls, firmware updates, and more!

The dual engines of the Ninebot S each provide W of power, and instantaneous power up to W. Quiet and powerful, the Ninebot S offers up to The Ninebot S is constructed from super light magnesium alloy, which can support a max weight up to lbs. The value changes with temperature and remaining battery capacity. Note: The tilde symbol - indicates that the following number is an approximation.

Ninebot S Warranty Information. Ninebot S User Manual. Ninebot Gokart Kit. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. In stock. SKU Ninebot S group. Wish List. Qty 1 result. Add to Cart. Ambient-Light Safety.

Free Mobile App. Easy to Ride. Road Adaptive. Ninebot S For the young and adventurous. Extremely portable, easy to learn, exciting to ride.US company Boosted, producer of the famous boostedboards, will be releasing their first e-scooter Boosted Rev soon. According to the specs it seems to be the most powerful e-scooter out there.

Not only the specs are stunning, also the price — USD! So how does it compare to the other top-of-the-line scooters like Ninebot Max and Xiaomi Scooter Pro? Boosted Rev looks indeed very tough and sturdy built. And they guaranteed that Boosted Rev is built for thousands and thousands of miles of daily riding as they offer a 12 month warranty for any manufacturing defects. The scooter is designed to withstand harsh road conditions and is IPX7 rated on key drivetrain components with its batteries enclosed in IP57 waterproof casing.

In my comparison Ninebot ES2 vs Xiaomi M I experienced a way better driving experience with M as it has its battery integrated in the footstep. Ninebot ES2 has it mounted within the steering tube. To lock your scooter, simply place your lock around a standard bike rack and the metal frame for a secure hold. Xiaomi Scooter Pro offers a W motor within its front wheel that offers a max. Ninebot MAX holds a W motor within the back wheel.

It seems that most of the battery will be needed to boost the 2 motors as the max. Xiaomi Scooter Pro performs better with a max. Ninebot MAX also has the power port built in and features 6h fast charging compared to 8,5 h for a full charge on Xiaomi Scooter Pro.

I really wonder how they achieve that. All three e-scooter offer headlights, rear lights and a LCD Display to check current speed and parameters. Similar on oll of them are the 3 driving modes that limit top speed. Ninebot Max offers the same modes, even with the same names.

ninebot max weight

There is a 4th mode, a power assist when pushing MAX by hand. While Xiaomi Scooter Pro and Ninebot MAX use a push throttle that activates the electric brakes on release Boost Rev uses a roll throttle that also controls the brakes. While Xiaomi Scooter Pro offers a mechanical disk brake on the back wheel, Ninebot MAX offers a mechanical drum brake on the front wheel.

Booth feature a regenerative electric eABS brake on each other wheel. But you can only set the strength in advance via App which takes effect when you release the throttle. As mentioned the throttle on Boosted Rev is also used as brake lever. All you need to do is roll your thumb to the plus sign to speed up, and back to the minus sign to slow down. This way most of the braking energy can be stored again. Further Boosted Rev offers two other brake systems, three independent brakes in total.

Besides the electric one there are two mechanical brakes: a mechanical disc brake on the back wheel and rear fender brake. Xiaomi Scooter Pro use air tube tires, their benefit: great shock absorption resulting in a more comfortable ride. Of course on the downside there is a high risk of puncture and flat tires and the tubes are super hard to change.

ninebot max weight

The shock absorbing tires will offer a smooth ride while reducing the risk of getting a flat tire because of a damaged tube. Is available for USD on their website. You can reserve your scooter for USD deposit. Shipping will start in July Gearbest currently stopped selling Xiaomi Pro to the US. Banggood has the only offer shipping to the US, it takes about 4 weeks.In this Ninebot Max review, we put the consumer version of the Segway Ninebot Max through extensive riding and real-world performance testing.

The Max is a more substantial, stronger, longer-ranged version of the ultra-popular Xiaomi Mi M This is good news because the M has already established itself as one of the top electric scooters in the World. The Max follows in its footsteps but answers the demand for an even longer-ranged version that is lower maintenance and more durable.

Subscribe to our channel for more great videos. It offers 28 miles of real-world range in a quality package that is sure to outlast even the best budget scooter. Its larger size gives more deck space and it has bigger tires that make longer trips more comfortable. The Ninebot Max is an excellent scooter for those who love the design of the world-class M but want a more durable, longer-ranged scooter.

Results below are based on our independent testing and not data provided by the manufacturer. Read about our testing methodology or compare with other scooters on our electric scooter performance testing page.

The Max is propelled by a watt nominal, watt peak electric motor. In our acceleration teststhe Max reached 15 mph in 5. For context, this is similar or slightly faster to scooter-sharing companies that you might have used some even use the Max. Once rolling, you have to ease on the throttle; otherwise, the motor will not engage — an annoying safety feature. Once the motor is activated, you can go to max throttle with no problems.

Accelerator is also nonlinear at the top of its range. The Ninebot Max has good hill-climbing ability. We were able to maintain 6 to 7 mph on some impressive hills and were only stopped by the steepest ones. The Max climbs about as well as the M Pro and is significantly faster than the M, which maintained an average speed of 6.

Starting on a slope, due to the required kick to start, will cause some smaller riders issues. You need to get the scooter to mph before the throttle kicks in.

On a decently steep hill, we had to make multiple attempts to get enough speed for the throttle to engage. We tested the top speed of the Ninbot Max and got The Ninebot Max has a manufacturer-claimed range of 40 miles 64 km ; however, we got The range test simulates real-world conditions lb rider, frequent stops, top speed when safe, numerous hills. The Max has a front drum brake and rear electronic brake.

This makes the braking system robust and provides redundancy in the case that one system fails. During our 15 mph braking test, the Ninebot Max took a respectable This is by no means record-setting, but about as good as the original M On May 21st Ninebot by Segway released their new e-scooter. Basically both e-scooters are manufactured by the same company, which is Ninebot.

Ninebot bought Segway a few years ago and Xiaomi invested in Ninebot when buying shares.

Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES2

Since both e-scooter are not allowed in Germany, as they need registration and max. As you can see on the pictures the folding mechanism of Ninebot MAX is similar to Xiaomi Scooter Pro as both fold above the front wheel. Compared to previous Ninebot models the battery now sits under the footstep, similar to Xiaomi Scooter Pro.

I prefer this design as the driving experience is way better with the center of gravity being lower. The footstep of Xiaomi Scooter Pro is a bit larger than the one of Xiaomi M see Pro vs M comparisonwhich is convenient for a more comfortable ride. Both feature a foldout stand to conveniently park the scooter and carrying capacity is about kg. Ninebot MAX features a built in charger, so you can charge it on the go and only need to carry a power cable. Ninebot MAX will offer a max.

Therefore in some areas countries?

Xiaomi M365 Pro Gets Bulked Up! - Ninebot Max Review

The max. The enormous range will take its toll resulting in more weight on MAX 4,5kg overall. Guess you will need to decide if you are just riding your e-scooter or if you have to carry it as well — e. Ninebot Max also has the power port built in and features 6h fast charging compared to 8,5 h for a full charge on Xiaomi Scooter Pro. Ninebot Max offers the same modes, even with the same names. There is a 4th mode, a power assist when pushing MAX by hand. When comparing the pictures the display looks exactly the same:.

Xiaomi M and Scooter Pro use air tube tires, their benefit: better shock absorption resulting in a more comfortable ride. Ninebot MAX features a new system: tubeless air tires.

I guess only long time tests will show how good the driving experience will be compared the risk of a damaged tire. Both e-scooter are equipped with a brake handle and a dual brake system.

ninebot max weight

When you release the accelerator lever the front wheel slowly brakes and the generated energy flows back into battery. The strength can only be predefined within the app. The back wheel holds a mm disk brake which is activated with the brake handle on the steering bar. Ninebot MAX is using a mechanical drum brake integrated in the front wheel that is controlled with the brake handle. It seems that Ninebot MAX is superior in every aspect: higher top speed, longer range, more powerful motor, air tyres but without tubes that might need to be changed in case of a flat tyrebetter break system, better shock absorption,….

There are only two aspects to consider Xiaomi Scooter Pro: it is way cheaper, it is way lighter in case you need to carry it. Therefor the distribution of coupon codes is slow and stock is low. Still a great deal considering the price was USD most of the year.I think this was to make it easy for customers to refer to each product without mixing them all together.

Segway Ninebot Max Electric Kickscooter Review

Then we have their latest addition, the ES Max. Then it has with the first Segway ES models. However, as long as the price between the ES4 and Max stands right now I would highly recommend the later.

Apart from the specifics of each scooter in terms of speed, distance per charge and components used there are also quite a few decent visible improvements to each model.

I missed this one from the new Segway MAX electric scooter but that one has inflatable self-repairing tires with better shock-absorbing features anyway. Another difference is the lights, the ES2 has running lights underneath the footpad and a tail light, whilst the ES1 only has a reflector in the rear. The Max has an incredible headlight providing you with great visibility while riding during the night.

The folding latch also works differently. On the ES1 it stays in one position, while on the ES2 it can be folded upwards and out of the way. The Max has a similar folding function to the Xiaomi m where it latches on to the rear fender to increase stability while carrying it.

Neither the ES1 or ES2 provides the most powerful ride out of the box. These are also easily manageable scooters for kids.

Segway Ninebot Max G30 Review 2020

The Segway ES Max takes home the trophy on all our tests. The only real selling point for the others is that they are cheaper, but also more compact and lighter. If you still have questions make sure to read our individual review of the ES1 hereand the ES2 here. In those, we dig deeper into each of these two models and share the riding experience that we had with each. We tend to recommend the Segway e-scooters to customers looking for a safe, high-quality, hassle-free ride.

These models will definitely suit that type of person. Tags: comparison es1 es2 es3 es4 ninebot segway. Save Saved Removed 1.

Buy Now. Next 6 affordable electric scooter models with great performance in Related Articles. Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 0. Turboant x7 Review — 19 mph electric scooter with removable battery. Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 1. Feel free to comment your inputs. Leave a reply Cancel reply. Leave this field empty.Anyone who has been into electric scooters for some time has almost certainly heard of Segway before. They may very well be the most popular manufacturer of electric scooterselectric segways and electric unicycles in the world.

While Segway makes a wide variety of very high-quality products, they probably came to dominance thanks to their flagship model, the Ninebot ES2 and ES4 Scooter. Range Speed Weight 40 lbs. Power Watt. Judging by the name and the specs alone, Segway probably intends the Ninebot Max to be their ultimate kickscooter thus far.

As pumped as we were to get our hands on the Ninebot Max, we felt obligated to put it to the test. Is it really the godsend scooter that Segway has promised? Dive into our Ninebot Max electric scooter review to find out. While both the ES2 and the ES4 scooters looked very similar to one another, there is no denying that the Ninebot Max has several differences.

These are more than mere cosmetic elements, however. They hint at the very structural differences that separate the Ninebot Max from previous Segway scooters. For one thing, the Ninebot Max still has a portable design, despite having a thicker frame overall. The scooter still has a foldable design much like the ES2 and ES4. Another commonality is the top speed. While the ES2 could go up to However, the Ninebot Max undeniably smokes both of its predecessors with an incredible top range of The Ninebot Max is especially interesting when you look at its tires and its incline climbing rate.

The ES2 and ES4 both had 8-inch tires and a degree climbing rate but the Ninebot Max has inch tires and a degree climbing rate. This should make quite a bit of difference to going up steeper hills and having a more stable riding experience.By JB01June 3, in Ninebot. So my question that I hope some of you can help me out with is speed vs rider weight.

It's really hard to tell when you're not able to try one out, as a matter of fact I have never even seen one live so I hope someone can help me out here. Once i got used to it it was just a bit too slow - all the bicyicles are always overtaking one. So its a bit dangerous on the bicycle lane Possible death experiences depend imho much more on how one drives and not primarily on the speed one drives Others had real bad accidents overleaning, cut-offs, I am kg, my communte 2.

The road very smooth, slightly hilly. The nb1 performed good enough. The nb1 was a trustworthy machine for me. I would say - get it! You'll not regret it. It sure other wheels and options around but 9b1 is a good performer overall. Where do you live? Maybe someone is closer than you think? I normally travel between 19 and 20 Kph each ride 12 MPH.

NEVER had a cut out or fall while riding. Only fallen when riding super slow and even then, just tipped over, no damage to me or wheel legs were tired.

Would love another miles per hour speed and double or triple distance, but then, I would not be riding one of the most comfortable wheels available.

ninebot max weight

I have 2 batteries and swap them on long rides. Gives me over 30 miles per charge that way. I also believe many of, Not All ofthe falls are human error or over confidence. The wheel is solid if ridden as advertised. It was unbelievably fun! And with the rumor spreading that production of the Ninebot One will be stopped, it will be a collector's item. So you should grab one now.

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